Laila Petersen-Jama

I was born in Denmark in 1976. After finishing secondary school and completing a 3.5-year Painting degree, I attended a number of different creative courses over two years: Drawing, Media, Design, 2D animation and Spanish. Following this, I put together a portfolio to apply to an Animation Workshop. I was among 20 lucky people to get in and completed a two-year course in Classical 2D Animation at the Animation School in Viborg, Denmark.

I got my first job as a Clean-Up Artist on a Film Production in Munich where I slowly changed direction to Storyboarding through doing designs and turnarounds.

Since 2005 I have worked primarily on storyboarding for feature film and TV series including Rusty Knight, The Little Dragon Coconut, Captain Sharky, Dreamtopia/ Barbie amongst others.

I work digitally on Cintiq 22HD using Toonboom Storyboard Pro or Adobe Photoshop.

I love my work and I’m excited to join more interesting projects.