Laila Petersen-Jama



I had the chance to be the Ambassador of diverse Artists behind german films, a horner that also made me think more about our jobs and industry, how is our work affecting others? about the different stories told and how we tell them, an interesting journey.

Who am I?

I was born in Denmark in 1976. After finishing secondary school and completing a 3.5-year Painting degree, I attended a number of different creative courses over two years: Drawing, Media, Design, 2D animation, and Spanish. Following this, I put together a portfolio to apply to an Animation Workshop. I was among 20 lucky people to get in and completed a two-year course in Classical 2D Animation at the Animation School in Viborg, Denmark.

I got my first job as a Clean-Up Artist on a Film Production in Munich where I slowly changed direction to Storyboarding through doing designs and turnarounds.

Since 2005 I have worked primarily on storyboarding for feature films and TV series including Rusty Knight, The Little Dragon Coconut, Captain Sharky, Oddbods, Pony Life, Dreamtopia/ Barbie, Pyjamas heroes,  amongst others.

I work digitally on Cintiq 22HD using Toonboom Storyboard Pro or Adobe Photoshop.

I love my work and I’m excited to join more interesting projects.